Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Category : 100 Lph To 6000 Lph

Key Features:

Industrial reverse osmosis system plant is best suited for small and large scale industries. This type of reverse osmosis plant can be configured easily as per the individual requirements of output water. It produces high-quality demineralised water for various industrial applications. A systematic programme is integrated in the plant for studying the chemistry of water. Depending upon the contamination level of water, the RO plant itself selects the most suitable membrane configuration to provide a plant which gives a low water-rejection rate.

Technical Charactristics:
• Operation: Semi – automatic / Fully automatic

• Material of Construction: FRP / Stainless Steel / M.S.R.L

• Flow Range: 50 LPH to 50,000 LPH

How It Works :

• The feed water contains suspended particles and dissolved matter.
• The water is filtered through sand filtration
• After the filtration, the water is then passed through activated carbon beds for the removal of foul odor, color and carbon
• Hard water is softened
• Addition of scale inhibitor
• Finally the water is passed through cartridge filters for removal of left our suspended particles