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Non-Pressurised Solar Water Heater

Category : 100 Ltr | 150 Ltr | 200 Ltr | 250 Ltr | 300Ltr | 500Ltr

Techhnical Characteristics:

• Inner tank: Stainless steel / Galvanize Steel

• Outer Tank: Galvanize Iron, Powder Coated.

• Material of insulation is polyurethane.

• Hight Density Galvanise Thick Tank

• Backup Heater: 2 KW / 4 KW (Optional)

• Evacuated glass tube collectors are coated with three layers Cu/SS/Al – N with high power MFMS coating ensures highest heat absorption.

• Tubes are made from Borosilicate glass.

• Evacuated Tube Size: OD 58mm x ID 47mm x 1800mm Length

                                            OD 70mm x ID 58mm x 2100mm Length

                                            OD 58mm x ID 47mm x 2100mm Length